Using a New Solution to Solve an Age Old Problem

The Article

I remember the day I nearly lost my job with a major corporation.  I was in the early stage of perimenopause, but I didn’t know it at the time.  If you had asked me why I was depressed, gaining weight and sweating at night like I was in a sauna, I could not have told you.  It was only after a visit to the doctor who measured my hormones to confirm what she suspected – I was about to enter another dimension.

It would have been great to have the services of something like Deluxe for Business back then.  I could have secured the deposit I nearly lost that day to the forgetfulness that pervaded my mind.  I couldn’t remember to turn off the lights, where I’d stashed my purse, when to go to work if I changed shifts with a coworker – I’d have to call the office to find out what time to come in – and I always felt sad.  One evening after a hectic day, I stopped at a coffee shop across the street because I was too tired to fight that Los Angeles traffic.  It was there that this simple change of routine caused things to unhinge.  But I didn’t realize that as I paid the bill and left a tip for the friendly and chatty waitress.  It’s a good thing I told her I worked right across the street because the next day, she sent a messenger over with the bank bag I should have dropped in the night deposit box after I finished my meal.  I casually thanked the messenger and acted as if there was nothing out of the ordinary going on, but the sweat popped out on my forehead so far it could have drenched him.  I realized in that moment I had not made the deposit, but instead left our bank bag containing over $10,000 in cash and checks sitting on the table at the cafe.

If the newest version of Deluxe for Business had been available 20 years, I would have been spared the embarrassment of that moment.  I could have done all my transactions online, and the company’s receipts would have been deposited directly into our bank account.  There is one advantage to being in the present day, and that is using Groupon coupons to save money on all the things I need to run my office smoothly.  If I could go back to that moment and relive it again, I’d be sure to take Deluxe with me, and have my meal in peace.