Using a New Solution to Solve an Age Old Problem

The Article

I remember the day I nearly lost my job with a major corporation.  I was in the early stage of perimenopause, but I didn’t know it at the time.  If you had asked me why I was depressed, gaining weight and sweating at night like I was in a sauna, I could not have told you.  It was only after a visit to the doctor who measured my hormones to confirm what she suspected – I was about to enter another dimension.

It would have been great to have the services of something like Deluxe for Business back then.  I could have secured the deposit I nearly lost that day to the forgetfulness that pervaded my mind.  I couldn’t remember to turn off the lights, where I’d stashed my purse, when to go to work if I changed shifts with a coworker – I’d have to call the office to … Read More