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Knox Motorcycle Gloves

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015 in Motorcycle clothing, Motorcyle gloves | a motorcycle can often be dangerous activity because of that most of the countries regulate wearing of personal protective equipment. Helmets are required by law, other components of personal protective equipment are just recommended. Special boots, jackets, pants and gloves can be other parts or this equipment and are often made of leather with plastic caps that are designed to protect the body parts of bikers. This equipment represents some kind of armor that protects motorcyclists from getting injured during their ride.

Knox motorcycle gloves are made of leather and their purpose is to protect biker’s knuckles from injury during impact. I bought my first pair of Knox Hand Armor gloves here. Even though protection is the main purpose of leather motorcycle gloves it is not the only one. While riding in colder climates gloves can be used to keep drivers hands warm. If the manufacturer of gloves represents gloves as protective, they must be CE marked.

Knox Handroid Motorcycle gloves are fully CE certified to a new safety standard.

Knox-Handroid-Leather-Summer-Motorcycle-Gloves-BlackPlanet Knox Ltd is the multi award winning company that manufactures motorcycle equipment and among all else one of the most popular motorcycle gloves.  This company’s products are designed not only for motorcycling but also motocross, skiing and snowboarding. Even though Planet Knox is mostly known for their armor and back protection, it has its own glove division called Knox Lab which produces different types of motorcycle gloves such as Handroid, Zero, Recon and Biomech gloves. You can learn more about them on their official site “Planet Knox”.

In 2010 Planet Knox Ltd won the prize for the most innovative motorcycle glove and in 2011 Knox Handroid motorcycle gloves received RiDE innovation award, which can tell you much about brand and quality of this equipment.

boatechnikThe first thing you notice when you try on Knox Handroid motorcycle gloves is probably their remarkable design and comfort they provide but the most important features of these gloves are surely Boa Lacing System and so called Exoskeleton Spines.

Exoskeleton spines are the reason for putting the suffix –droid in the title of these gloves and for their superb design. Exoskeleton spines are attached to main knuckles so they can move and they run along the back of the fingers. Their purpose is to serve as sliders, but also they are very important for protection of driver’s fingers. As some of the bikers claim your hands can feel less tired when you wear these gloves and not the ordinary leather ones.

boasystemBoa Lacing System is located on the gauntlet, the part of the glove that does not usually attract attention, and it is a innovation in making motorcycle gloves. Boa system that is used on Handroid gloves consist of so called Boa lace reels, which is something similar to nylon strings used for fishing and there are 49 of them. They are apparently solid as steel and even if feels like gauntlet isn’t tight, security is there.

Handroid Gloves are surely right choice for anyone who likes motorcycling and wants to be safe while riding. Put on your gloves, feel safe and enjoy your ride. 

Knox Motorcycle Handroid and Zero 2 Gloves – pros and cons

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015 in Motorcycle clothing, Motorcyle gloves |


Planet Knox is one of the most popular designers of motorcycle equipment, they design everything from motorcycle jackets, boots, pants, helmets to racer gloves. Knox Lab is the department that is in charge of making Knox motorcycle gloves. One of the latest gloves made are Handroids, they are really a revelation in the world of gloves, and Knox Lab won several awards thanks to their innovative look.

Beside Handroids, Zero 2 Outdry gloves are also interesting and useful for racers. Both Handroids and Zero 2s are made of goat and kangaroo leather, and each kind has their advantages and disadvantages.

143213872490676457-probiker-red-gloveWhile Handroids have an outstanding look because of Exoskeleton Spines they have, Zero 2s are much simpler, but much more useful for riding in cold areas. Handroids keep the hand of the rider warm but Zero2s have OutDry wind and waterproof membrane and the number of zippers, they are much more suitable if you live somewhere where the weather is often rainy, windy and cold. Outdry system helps maintaining optimal and comfortable hand temperature by reducing the risk of condensation. Handroids are likelier to stay on your hand and they do not slip because of their Boa Lacing System and it is an advantage for them, any other kind of Knox’s gloves and any other designers gloves do not use that system.

41E0CtbRPvL._SY355_Knox’s Zero 2 motorcycle gloves also posses Knox scaphoid protection system which makes them abrasion resistant and protect bikers from scaphoid injuries which are the most common injuries in motorcycle accidents. Zero 2s also posses stretch panel on thumbs and fingers so your gloves actually fits you like a glove, they are the reason why these gloves are so comfortable. Velcro wrist closure system is what makes them safe not to slip away. They also have silicon print on finger for improved grip. 3M reflective piping, Knox wrists and cuff sliders and Primaloft 115g thermal liners are also parts of this glove.

Knox Handroid motorcycle gloves also posses knox wrists and cuff slider, besides extraordinary Exoskeleton spines and Boa Lacing system there are a few more features Handroids have but Zero 2s do not, they are Knox metapod protector, Amara grip pad with silicon print that makes biker’s control and grip easier and so on. 


If you can’t afford Handroid gloves, maybe the right choice for you is Zero 2, they are little bit less pricey, price for Handroids is about $170 and for Zero 2s $150, it is not a big difference but it can be important for someone.


Many riders who bought Zero2s complained about thickness of these kind of gloves, however both of these types got 5/5 stars from the motorcyclists that tried them.


I hope this article is going to help you decide if you are choosing between this two kinds. If you life in a place where climate is colder, the right choice for you are probably Knox Zero2 gloves but Handroids can probably suit your needs too.

Knox motorcycle gloves – Covert, Zero 2, Handroid

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015 in Motorcycle clothing, Motorcyle gloves |

Most of the interviewed bike riders claim that Planet Knox provides top quality motorcycle gear, and most of them are their clients. Whichever type do you need, Knox has it all, from helmets to motorcycle knees and elbows protectors. However, motorcycle gloves are the one thing all of these bikers recommend and always talk about. Knox Lab provides riders with more than one type of these gloves, every biker can find the right ones for himself.


Handroid gloves are surely the ones all of the bikers heard of, they are known for their outstanding and innovative quality and also unique look. They have a few features other gloves do not, these features are Boa Lacing System and Exoskeleton Spines. Exoskeleton spines are the reason of Handroid unique design, and that is what attracts bikers so much. Besides the “cool” look Exoskeleton spines are also of great importance for protection of rider’s hand in case of an impact during motorcycle accident. Boa Lacing System is used on these gloves for the first time and it represents an outstanding revelation for glove manufacturers.

Knox-Handroid2210Handroids, however are not the only kind of these amazing gloves. Knox posses a wide range of glove types, some of them are Zero 2, Orsa, Techstyle, Biomech and Covert leather motorcycle gloves. As said, they are mostly made of leather material and they are designed to be protective but also comfortable. Protection systems used on Knox gloves differs from one kind to another.

Cover leather motorcycle gloves as well as Zero 2 Knox gloves have the same OutDry systems which means they are designed to be windproof and waterproof. OutDry system allows rider’s hand to stay dry and because of the OutDry system’s membrane it assures perfect fit for the hand.

liam knoxBesides OutDry system that is probably the most important feature for this type of glove, Cover leather motorcycle gloves have Knox SPS system, which is designed particularly  for palm protection since this is the hand area which is often hurt the most during the motorcycle accident. Zero 2 gloves posses the same protection system, difference between these two kinds of gloves is in its purposes. Zero 2 gloves are designed mostly for winter season and colder climate areas, therefore they are a little more thicker than other types, Covert leather motorcycle gloves are designed particularly for summer season, they are waterproof but very breathable for your hand and thinner than other Knox gloves. These two kinds of motorcycle gloves show that Planet Knox thinks of literally everything, they even designed motorcycle gloves based on the climate in which biker are riding their motorcycles.

If you are looking for the right motorcycle gloves for you, you can surely find them in Planet Knox, if it is too complicated for you to go to their shop, you can order them online. Besides that you can also look for other motorcycle equipment which will probably have the same quality as these gloves and it will most importantly protect you while riding.

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